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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe the year is almost over. It has been crazy, but it has been fun. I am excited to see what the new year has to bring. If drinking is in your celebration plans for the new year, be sure to drink responsibly. Remember choices have consequences :)

From all of us at Mommy Mogul . . . . Happy New Year.

pictured above:
Bath Cocktails-bubbling bath salts and soap

Friday, December 26, 2008

Super Sized!!!!

We are sooooo happy here at Mommy Mogul. We just got the biggest order we have ever gotten since starting our bath and body product line. Someone ordered 20 soaps and 20 lotions! Talk about a super-sized order!!!! We love it ! :) We are looking forward to filling orders like that more often, yet we enjoy every order that comes in. What a great feeling to have someone love your products! We're fulfilling our dream one step at a time!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Boy has this holiday season been busy, busy, busy!!! I did not realize how busy it would be during the holiday season owning your own business. This has been our first official Christmas season, since we are just one year old. Boy was it busy. I have four children ranging in ages from 17 to 1. Each one has their own activities that I have to fit into my already busy day. I also work a full time job while I am trying to start my own business. I love the phrase that working mother is a redundant term!!! I know exactly what it means to be a working mother. You never seem to get a day off. Even when I get a day off from my "regular" job, I don't get a day off from anything else.
We recently found out how much fun craft fairs are for our business and how good they are as well. We did Santa's Market earlier this month, and we ended it with a craft fair at Tabor's here in San Angelo. We did very well at both fairs. The neatest thing about these fairs, is that you get to meet the customers that have been following us to get our soaps and lotions! We get to hear the wonderful stories that they have about our products! That is the neatest thing to know that something that you made is helping someone, or that they simply just love it better than that Wal-Mart brand. It is a great feeling to know that people are starting to know the name of your business and that they want your products.

We recently introduced our hair bow holders to our line of kid's gifts and they were a huge hit! One woman bought two of our hair bow holders at a craft fair. She kept one for her daughter and took the other one as a gift to a birthday party. When one of the other mothers at the birthday party saw the hair bow holder, she asked where the mom bought it. She told her that she got it at the craft show. The mother left the birthday party and came to the craft fair to find us. She has now bought several hair bow holders from us! Another lady ran out of our soap and and she tracked us down at a craft fair just to get more! It is stories like those that make you appreciate all of the hard work that goes into starting your own business. There are many struggles, but it is all worth it to know that someone appreciates the things that you are creating.
Someday I hope to own my own shop. I hope to do this full time. That is what I am working toward. And I believe that I will make it . . . . one step at a time!!!!!!

"A dream is a wish your heart makes." -Walt Disney

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul." -the Bible