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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safari Party

We had a wonderful Safari Party for a little boy who just celebrated his 8th birthday! The party was complete with pith helmets and binoculars! They looked so adorable!!!!!! We had an animal hunt planned for the kids, a game called feed the monkey, and a day of water sliding!!!!

The inviations set the tone of the party! They had a jungle feel to them. We had custom water bottles made for the party and we had safari jeep food trays! These are wonderful themed food trays that hold everything, the drink cup and the food! We added Madagascar touches since this was his favorite movie!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spy Party

Spy Party- A gathering of Secret Agents!

This party was a tremendous success! It was so much fun and the boys had a wonderful time! We started out with Top Secret invitations that gave all of the information that the "secret agent" would need for the party. Each guest was given a code name. The code names were actual animated superhero characters from various shows and movies. The "agent" received a profile that told the qualities that their particular superhero possessed, and a name badge. They wore their name badges to the party. We told them that they would need the name badge to get into the "Secret Agent Academy." We had duplicates of everyones badge, just in case someone forgot theirs, surprisingly no one forgot their badge!
We had stations set up as different forensic labs. At each lab they would learn a skill that they would use later in the party. They learned how to lift fingerprints first. They couldn't believe that they could actually lift their own fingerprint! During this demonstration we actually got a few fingerprints of the guests without their knowledge! We later planted their fingerprints at the crime scene. They learned about DNA evidence, where we had fake blood and DNA sample charts. They had to match DNA evidence. We planted DNA evidence at the crime scene. They learned about trace evidence, shoe print patterns. They had to match shoe print patterns to ones that were found. We planted shoe print evidence at the crime scene. And they learned about trace evidence. We actually used blacklight pens for this! Each agent got one of these cool blacklight pens in their favor bags. We secretly got several phone numbers of our guests and used a blacklight pen to write them on a piece of paper that we planted at the crime scene. We told them how important it was to have certain skills to be a successful secret agent, one of those skills was balance. We took them outside to a laser obstacle course each agent had to go through. They had to go over and under the "lasers" without touching them. We had bells attached to the red yarn "lasers". After they had acquired all of the skills they needed to be successful secret agents we told them about a crime. We said that several money bags were stolen from a local bank and they would be taken to the crime scene to try to find out who did it. The twist was -that the thief or thieves were actually some of them! The accusations began to fly!!!! We told them that since we didn't know who was guilty we would be taking everyone's mugshot! We used each child's mugshot picture on their individual thank you cards! The numbers on the sign they are holding are actually the boy's birthdate!
We then took the agents to the crime scene where we had hidden several pieces of evidence. They had to gather all of the evidence and take it back to the lab to investigate. They had to apply all of the information they learned earlier to uncover who our culprits were. Once the culprits were named at the end of the party, I gave each "agent" a favor bag which was made to look like a money bag (as a reward of course). This was one of the best parties I have given, and I have given quite a few! Everyone had a great time and didn't want to go home. Our tablescape for the party we used caution tape and mock security cameras that really blinked and moved around. The kids thought they were real! We also got the car food trays off of the internet, noone had ever seen these before. They hold the child's drink and food in one themed tray! We also had magnifying glasses for each place setting!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Princess Party Success!!!

Royal Princess Tea Party!

Happy Birthday CJ Harris! We had a wonderful Princess Tea Party!

We did our first Princess Tea Party on Saturday and we had a blast! This was the first birthday for CJ Harris! The girls looked adorable with their crowns and the boys were sword fighting with their swords and shields!
The cupcake tower was adorable with a Cinderella glass slipper on each cupcake. The top tier of the cupcake tower sat a lavender 6" cake with a pink jeweled cake topper for her majesty!

We had fun themed games! The favorite among the kids and the adults was guess the number of "peas" in the jar- from the story of the Princess and the pea! Everyone was surprised how many peas fit in that jar!!! All in all it was a pretty good day!

We can accommodate the boys at a Princess Party. What is a Princess without Prince Charming? We can supple shields and swords to all of the little boys at the party so they can protect the beautiful princesses!

And they lived happily ever after!