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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Cupcake Tower Stands!

(Pictured above:Our butterfly cupcake toppers
for our Garden Fairy Party)

We are featuring our cupcake tower stands. Each stand is custom made for the parties that we do. All of our party packages come with a cupcake stand that coordinates perfectly with the theme of the party!

Pictured above: Safari Cupcake Tower

The cupcake stand pictured above is our Safari cupcake stand. It has been made for a party that we have coming up for a little boy that wanted a Madagascar inspired party! We are doing our Safari party package with some Madagascar accents which will include binoculars and pith helmets for each child! It is going to look fabulous when it's all done!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fairy Garden Party

Our Fairy Garden Party was already magical and enchanted, but we have added something special to the cupcakes to make them look so beautiful and adorable all at the same time!

Our beautiful butterfly cupcake toppers make these cupcakes look great with our already beautiful looking fairy garden party accessories!
These cupcakes are going to look adorable on our custom cupcake tower that is especially made for the fairy garden party!
This would be pretty for a bridal shower or with all white butterflies and icing for a wedding reception! Oh the ideas!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Start Up Nation Contest!

Mommy Mogul has been entered into another contest at Start Up Nation! Please vote for us!

We have been entered in the most innovative home based business category!

click on the link to vote for us! Thanks for your votes. :-D


Monday, June 15, 2009

Spy Party !

One of my son's is going to turn 12 this year and we have planned a spy party for him! This party is going to be fun!!!! I am a bit of a planner, so I come up with theme ideas months in advance and let them choose a theme or tell me what they would like to do. He has wanted a spy theme since last year! I have gotten a lot of caution tape for the party scene. I ordered these mock security cameras as centerpieces, they really light up and move like security cameras do! For the invitation, I made top secret folders that contained all of the top secret party information a profile of the guest with a secret code name and an id badge. We gave each guest a animated character code name, we tried to find characters that resembled them in some way! To add a little fun, I bought some of the gag peanut cans that have the snakes in them. I peeled off the labels (this made them look like film canisters for your camera) I had a message to get their instructions from the film canister! Once they open them the snake pops out!!!!

We start the party by learning to lift fingerprints, decode secret messages, and learning how to uncover clues. Each spy then has to go through an obstacle course which has things like tires to run through, agility training, balance and coordination drills. During the party, they will discover that the favor bags are missing and they will have to use all of the skills that they have learned to find them. When they finally find the favor bags, they will be in the middle of a maze of red yarn that we have strategically hung to look like lazers. They will have to crawl under, around , and through the "lazers" (which have little bells hanging from each string to detect if someone touches one or not) to retrieve the goody bags. When the crime has finally been solved, they will discover who really stole all of the goody bags! We have black light pens, sunglasses, id badges, fake moustaches, and all sorts of spy memoribilla for this party! We are ready for this party and can't wait!

I will post pictures when we get them. Check out the wonderful food trays that I will be getting for the party! Doesn't it look James Bond-ish? What a great party this will be!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lavish Luau Party!!

We are coming up with a new themed party package. We are still brainstorming on the name, but it will be a hawaiin luau theme. So far, we like "Lavish Luau!" But we're still working on it :-D

The table looked beautiful! We have a white covering with a lime green overlay. We then used a rainbow of colors with the plates, kid lanterns, leis, and the beautiful parrot centerpiece. It looks great! We topped it all off by having the grass skirts hanging from a rack at the end of the table. We embellished the tops of the grass skirts with leis that we cut up and hot glued on the top. It gave the plain jane leis more of an upscale look! This party is going to be fun. Limbo contest, hula dancing, hula hoops, and more ! We have to come up with fun invitation ideas and wording and our cupcake design to take to the bakery for our cupcake towers! I thought the spa party was my favorite, but this one looks soooooooooo good! I'm not sure anymore, but I hope our clients love it as much as we do!