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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Party Themes

Running out of time and ideas on what to do for your child's birthday party? All too often the stress of putting together a memorable party for our children make birthdays a less than enjoyable task. Who has the time to search online hour after hour? With the rising cost of gas, who wants to drive around to several local shops to coordinate all of the decorations, games, favor bags, etc. ? Not to mention, you don't want the same Wal-Mart party packs as everybody else do you? Let Mommy Mogul do all of the work for you while you take all of the credit.! We don't mind! We have wonderful party themes for girls, boys, and coed parties too! Many of our items are custom, so you don't have to worry about the same old thing as everyone else, and we have really creative and fun tablescapes! Our fun, interactive parties amaze parents and children alike. Can you imagine all of the great pictures you can take at our parties? Just sit back and enjoy the party!

Out themes include:

Royal Princess Tea Party - Let your little one be Princess for one day! This celebration is fit for a queen! Everything is themed perfectly to make this a royal tea party celebration. Custom games and favor bags that pay attention to the details. All games are perfectly themed and includes an interactive story with props that the little princesses can be a party of. Princess sashes, crowns, and capes help set the mood too! From Cinderella to the Princess and the Pea, everything has been thought out so that you don't have to do a thing! Invite the boys- what princess doesn't need a prince? The color scheme for this party is light pink and lavender.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Party - Do you believe in fairies? All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. This party is simply magical! This package comes with fairy wings, tutus, and magic wands. Whether it's a craft, the interactive story to help the tooth fairy, or any of the games- they are all themed to fit this party perfectly. Invite the boys- pirates and peter pans will only add to the magic. The color scheme for this party is lime green and orange.
Pamper Me Spa Party - Every little girl needs to be spoiled now and again. Why not for her birthday? The girls will experience facials, mini manicures, mini pedicures, and more! This makes for a very luxurious party! The color scheme for this party is lime green and hot pink.

Lavish Luau - Aloha! Welcome to the islands! This party is full of surf, fun and sun! Among many fun themed activities, kids will learn to surf (mommy mogul style)! And what luau would be complete without a limbo contest and fabulous fruit platter! This party is fun for boys, girls, or coed. This party is bright with the many colors and activities.

Dinosaur Dig - Great for your little paleontologist! We will search for dinosaur fossils, discover dinosaur eggs, and so much more. This party is full of the fun and adventure that your child needs! They will get their own tools to dig for dinosaurs!

Spy Party - Your mission . . . if you choose to accept it, is to have the best birthday party you have ever had! This spy party is all about learning to take the clues given and solve the crime. We will lift fingerprints, learn about reading DNA evidence, using spy equipment like James Bond, and finding trace evidence. We will learn all of that to solve the birthday crime of the century! This party comes with custom money bag gift bags!

Sweet Candy Shoppe Party - Got a sweet tooth? You won't after this party! From the decorations to all of the activites, it is nothing but candy, candy, candy! Look out Willy Wonka! It will be like a kid in a candy store!

NFL Rookie Training Camp Party - Welcome to the NFL Draft! What an exciting day for a rookie! Each rookie will go through the draft (complete with shirt and cap of team they are drafted to) and media pictures before they are shipped off to rookie camp. They will go through rookie camp representing their team!

Grand Prix Race Car Party - Gentlemen start your engines! This party is for your race car champion. It comes with construction cone cups! All race car activities and games are themed with nascar in mind! Whether it's Lightning McQueen, or your favorite nascar driver, this party is for you!

more themes coming soon!
Western Party
Mermaid Party
Pirate Party
Safari Party

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