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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weird Science Birthday Party!!!!

It is about that time again! Where I overbook birthday parties!!! This year I am doing a double birthday party for two boys, one is going to be 14 and the other is going to be 10! We came up with a theme that would satisfy both crowds! A weird science party! I am sooooooooo excited!!!! As you know, you set the tone of the birthday party with the invitations. It is very important to get everyone excited by how the invitation looks and what it says! You want to give away some of the fun activities you are going to have at the party without giving every detail. All of the invitations we use for our parties at Mommy Mogul are custom. What is so good about that is, your guests realize how much time and effort has gone into the party. It makes them not want to miss it because they can't just go down to the local Wal-Mart and get the same stuff. It is a one-of-a-kind event and if they miss it, they'll miss it.

This party was so much fun! Although we had a very big age gap in the kids attending, all of the experiments were great for all ages! We made instant snow, slime, had jelly water crystals, held dry ice bubbles,and did coke geyshers!! Each child got a lab coat, goggles, id badges, and kits to hold all of their goodies!!

We had the cake made with test tubes looking like something was spilling out of them on the sides of the cake. The two boys' names were written on the test tubes. It had a biohazard sign on the top, a molecule, caution sign, etc.

I thought it turned out great! And it tasted great too! Cupcake Couture of San Antonio did the cake. We have used them for several parties! And they did a great job with this cake too!