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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!!!

Amazing how fast time flies isn't it? One minute you're in the hospital giving birth to that bundle of joy, and the next you're throwing his third birthday party! I can relate to that! My youngest son just turned 3! We celebrated his birthday by having a Race Car Party. No Race Car Party could be complete without Lightning McQueen! On the table you will find a Lightning McQueen costume that I made out of cardboard! That's right- cardboard. I didn't realize cardboard could be formed to curve exactly how you wanted it to bend, but it can! This costume would later come off of the table and our birthday boy would wear it for a race with his birthday guests! The cups I ordered online! They are the cutest things I have ever seen!

Construction cone cups complete with their own straw! I made place card holders out of mini trophies that I bought at a local party store. I also used a bigger trophy on a stand with the birthday boys initials for one of the centerpieces. I wanted to get a real traffic light, but I did not have the time to order one, so I made a fake traffic light out of a cardboard box, a trash bag, and colored paper. For the party we played a pit crew relay race where you had to change the tire on Lightning McQueen, wash his windows, and fill him up with gas in his gas tank. We also had a tire rolling race, a bean bag tire toss, and played red light green light! We had cars set up for the kids to play with on a mat that looked like a little city! He had a Race Car Themed cupcake tower with race car and checkered flag toppers. One the top was a six inch cake with a trophy topper! All and all it was a great party and we can't believe our little one has zoomed through another year!!

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Kim @ Frostmeblog.blogspot.com said...

Great detail! The cones with the straws are fantastic!

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