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Monday, November 17, 2008

Santa's not the only one bringing gifts!!!!

Santa's not the only one bringing gifts! Mommy Mogul went to it's first Santa's Market here at Goodfellow Air force base. It was so much fun. It definitely hard work though! We were supposed to go on Friday to set things up. Well, Mommy Mogul is not the only job that I have, I also have another job. I am really wanting this company to become successful enough that I can quit my other job and do my Mommy Mogul job full time! After working eight hard hours on Thursday, I was so tired that I fell asleep and did absolutely nothing to prepare. That was not exactly my plan. My wonderful husband (I am saying that sarcastically right now) let me sleep the whole night away instead of getting ready for the craft fair. Since he didn't want to mess anything up without my help, he didn't do anything either :( . Needless to say, nothing got done on Thursday. Nothing! That was not good. We wound up running around on Friday like crazy people !! :)
Now this was our first craft fair on an air force base. You have to go through a lot of security checks and things of that nature when you are participating at a craft fair on an air force base. I thought it was going to be a lot of trouble to have our car searched by military dogs and then a security force and all of that kind of stuff. It wasn't! Everything went off without a hitch.
It was definitely an experience to go to a show of that magnitude. We were not used to it at all. We have been to some craft fairs, but this one was bigger by far than anything we had experienced. It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it. Everything was done with such professionalism and we loved it. People poured in from the time they opened the doors until the time the doors were closed. There was no down time at all, it was a constant stream of shoppers coming in. I love the vendors that went to this show. It is a community within it self when you are a vendor. People are so friendly and so helpful and you come to realize very quickly that this is a way of life for these people! And I love it! The vendors had some very creative things to sell that I had never seen before. I loved the creativity of the vendors that were at this show. I love to see how different minds work and I love beautiful and unusual things. I got a chance to see them all! This was one of the best weekends I have ever spent.
We have given our soaps a face lift. They look different, but they are the same quality that you have come to expect from Mommy Mogul. I have the most wonderful story that happened to us this weekend while we were at Santa's Market. We have a booth at a store called Jerrolyn's. Our products can be found there everyday if one of our customers needs to buy more. We normally also go to the Chicken Farm, which is a craft fair that is held every first Saturday of the month. We did not go this passed month because we were trying to get ready for Santa's Market. I had heard that the Santa's Market craft show was very big, and I did not know what to expect. So we made more products and we pulled our products from Jerrolyn's on Thursday afternoon to make sure that we had enough products. There was a precious lady that did not see us at the Chicken Farm show and so she went to Jerrolyn's to buy more soap. She didn't see any of our products and so she thought we had gone out of business. The owner of Jerrolyn's told her we were at the Santa's Market craft show. She drove out there and looked all over the place to find us so that she could buy another bar of our soap. She told me how much she loved our Japanese Cherry Blossom soap. It really touched my heart. I love to hear how much our customers love our soap! It touches my heart to hear how much they love our work. It means so much to me, and it never gets old. Thank you everyone for your support!!!!

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