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Monday, June 15, 2009

Spy Party !

One of my son's is going to turn 12 this year and we have planned a spy party for him! This party is going to be fun!!!! I am a bit of a planner, so I come up with theme ideas months in advance and let them choose a theme or tell me what they would like to do. He has wanted a spy theme since last year! I have gotten a lot of caution tape for the party scene. I ordered these mock security cameras as centerpieces, they really light up and move like security cameras do! For the invitation, I made top secret folders that contained all of the top secret party information a profile of the guest with a secret code name and an id badge. We gave each guest a animated character code name, we tried to find characters that resembled them in some way! To add a little fun, I bought some of the gag peanut cans that have the snakes in them. I peeled off the labels (this made them look like film canisters for your camera) I had a message to get their instructions from the film canister! Once they open them the snake pops out!!!!

We start the party by learning to lift fingerprints, decode secret messages, and learning how to uncover clues. Each spy then has to go through an obstacle course which has things like tires to run through, agility training, balance and coordination drills. During the party, they will discover that the favor bags are missing and they will have to use all of the skills that they have learned to find them. When they finally find the favor bags, they will be in the middle of a maze of red yarn that we have strategically hung to look like lazers. They will have to crawl under, around , and through the "lazers" (which have little bells hanging from each string to detect if someone touches one or not) to retrieve the goody bags. When the crime has finally been solved, they will discover who really stole all of the goody bags! We have black light pens, sunglasses, id badges, fake moustaches, and all sorts of spy memoribilla for this party! We are ready for this party and can't wait!

I will post pictures when we get them. Check out the wonderful food trays that I will be getting for the party! Doesn't it look James Bond-ish? What a great party this will be!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the little car food trays? They are so cute and would be great for my upcoming "Becoming Agents of Change" spy-themed quarterly staff meeting.