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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lavish Luau Party!!

We are coming up with a new themed party package. We are still brainstorming on the name, but it will be a hawaiin luau theme. So far, we like "Lavish Luau!" But we're still working on it :-D

The table looked beautiful! We have a white covering with a lime green overlay. We then used a rainbow of colors with the plates, kid lanterns, leis, and the beautiful parrot centerpiece. It looks great! We topped it all off by having the grass skirts hanging from a rack at the end of the table. We embellished the tops of the grass skirts with leis that we cut up and hot glued on the top. It gave the plain jane leis more of an upscale look! This party is going to be fun. Limbo contest, hula dancing, hula hoops, and more ! We have to come up with fun invitation ideas and wording and our cupcake design to take to the bakery for our cupcake towers! I thought the spa party was my favorite, but this one looks soooooooooo good! I'm not sure anymore, but I hope our clients love it as much as we do!

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