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Friday, March 5, 2010

Costumes aren't just for Halloween

The latest trend going around right now is themed birthday parties for children. I love to look on the internet and see all across the country the very creative and talented people that make kids birthday parties so special. About a year ago, I decided to add themed parties to the things that my business (Mommy Mogul) was doing.
I have been doing themed parties for about 12 years. I had always loved coming up with all of the decorations, tablescape, etc. It never dawned on me at the time that this was actually being done all over the country as a business! What? You can actually do something you love to do and get paid for it!!!! What a marvelous idea! That is when I decided to add it to our products and services. I have had a blast coming up with themes and taking pictures and all that comes with birthday parties. I love the costumes! Way back when, you only saw costumes at Halloween. But not anymore! Costumes add so much to an event. It truly makes the party more special. It just adds so much more than the decorations do. It is like you are helping the kids imagination when they can dress the part.

How cute is it to have a spa party and every little girl is wearing a bath robe? Or you give your little boy a race car party and have him in a race car driver costume! It's great for the pictures and the party! I think it truly makes the party magical! Next time you have your child's birthday party- whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it- consider adding costumes to the festivities. You will be surprised how much a simple little costume can add so much sparkle to your child's event. You won't be sorry that you did! Until next time, make the most of what you have!!!

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