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Monday, May 3, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's selling like diamonds!

I happen to LOVE Audrey Hepburn! I have probably watched every movie she has made. That is why on the wallpaper on Twitter I have. . . . Audrey Hepburn! And when asked to come up with a baby shower theme I did . . . . Audrey Hepburn! I decided to create some invitations with . . . . Audrey Hepburn (bet you saw that coming!)

I have been extremely surprised by the tremendous response we have received from these invitations! They have been selling like hotcakes! We have sold some recently on etsy and we are in the process of more orders from some local customers. And we received another request online! WOW! It amazes me the different seasons you find yourself in when you own your own business. You will find that some seasons you will sell more of one item than you do another. For some unknown reason people are all looking for the same thing and buy them around the same time! We're in bridal and baby shower season, therefore we are in . . . . Audrey Hepburn season! I think I might have to come up with a bridal shower Breakfast at Tiffany's package with Tiffany blue and white! My creative juices are flowing!!!!!

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