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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated in over 46 countries across the globe. This is the day to stop, remember, and pray for that special person in our life. Your Mother! I remember as a little girl, we always cooked my Mother breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. I secretly wished that someday I would receive the same treatment. Now, so many years later, not only do I tell my Mother happy Mother's day, but I am a Mother as well! For 364 days my children may not express just how much they appreciate me, but they really make up for it on Mother's Day!

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."

Mother's Day

The kindest face I'll ever see,
The kindest voice I'll ever hear.
The one who cares the most for me
Is my own mother dear.

All through the year
I'll try to do
The things that show
My love for you.
And not be happy just to say,
"I love you, Mother," on Mother's Day.

Do something special for your Mother and tell her that you love her!

Happy Mother's Day.


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