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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dinosaur Dig Party!

We Dig Dinosaurs!
We had a wonderful time at Dill's 9th birthday party! This little boy aspires to be a paleontologist, so we made his dream come true!! For one day he and his friends got to be junior paleontologists, and boy was it fun! We started the party off by making fossils that the kids could take home.

This kit actually is a handprint kit for kids to make their handprints for a keepsake. We just gave it another use at this party and made dinosaur fossils that the kids used stamps (included in the kit) to put their names on their fossils. We then got to use our scientific skills and each child got to erupt their very own volcano!

One child told us that this was his favorite part of the entire party!!! We made the volcanoes with empty water bottles, paper mache, and a little spray paint! We put baking soda into each bottle using a funnel. In paper cups we mixed water, vinegar, dishwashing soap, and red food coloring. The kids poured the mixture into the bottles at the top of the volcano and just waited. It didn't take long before each volcano was pouring out lava. If you haven't seen this experiment with the dishwashing soap, it is a lot different from the basic baking soda vinegar look to it

We told the kids that there were some dinosaur eggs hiding around the property and they had to find them. This was fun!

It reminded me of an easter egg hunt, with king sized eggs! Each dinosaur egg was made using a balloon and paper mache. Once all of the eggs were found, we took them inside and told the kids to crack them open. We filled each dinosaur egg with candy and toys! The kids were astonished to see that there was actually something inside each one of these eggs.

We put all of their candy into thier paleontologist bags. They all received paleontologist bags, grass hats, binoculars, and plastic dinosaur cups.
We then went digging in the sand for dinosaur bones.

Once the kids found all of the bones, we put together a dinosaur skeleton. We numbered the pieces prior to the party and we simply had to match the numbers to put the skeleton together. This made this activity super easy. They also found "rocks" in the sand. Each child had tools in their paleontologist bag to dig a miniature dinosaur skeleton with it's own stand.

We had a dinosaur cupcake stand with a six inch cake on the top with a cake topper called Wishosaurus ( it is a plastic dinosaur that has a place for the candles) it holds 10 candles.

We sang and opened gifts and sent our little paleontologists on their way! Everyone had a good time and we loved the end result! This is a great party!!!!!


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