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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lavish Luau Party!!!!

We have had a pretty busy summer this year! When it was suggested that I do a luau party for a little girl who was going to turn 2, I became excited by the color schemes and all of the fun things I could do. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome!!!! The little girl liked Phineas and Ferb, so we had to be sure to get them into her party somehow.
We started off by choosing a color palette. We used hot pink, orange, and lime green. This color choice wound up being so bright and colorful and perfect.
We decorated the table with two hawaiin men with leis and they were holding buckets which we filled with fruit. We used shovels from plastic beach pails to scoop the fruit out with.

We put an interactive talking parrot in the middle of the table. We even programmed him to say, "Happy Birthday!" to the birthday girl!

We had plastic coconut cups for the kids to take home. We put little drink umbrellas in each cup.

We ordered sandy candy for each of the kids. These are plastic sticks that the kids fill up with different colored and flavored candy sand. The kids loved this activity.
Not only was it fun and easy for even the little kids, but they got to take a candy favor home that they made themselves.

We then had to limbo! What luau would be complete without that?
Her cupcake tower was our luau themed tower.

And her water bottle labels had Phineas and Ferb on them

This was a great party with vibrant colors, leis, fruit trays, pail party favor buckets.

It was the perfect luau for a perfect little princess!!! Makes you just want to say Aloha!!!!!!

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