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Saturday, August 28, 2010

NFL Rookie Training Camp Party

We had a wonderful time at the NFL Rookie Training Camp Party!.

My husband, who has actually coached football, came up with all of the drills and was a tremendous help during this party! We started the party off by giving everyone a shirt with a number on it. I made waterbottles with their numbers on them as well

From the moment we gave them their shirts, we only called them by their number and not their names. We told them that 32 NFL teams were here to look at how each one of them does the different drills that were designed. At the end of the party they would be drafted by an NFL Team. We got the guys ready by stretching, this made it like an official camp and the kids loved it!

After they stretched, we did field goal kicking drills. Our field goal post was made out of pvc pipe. We used nerf footballs to ensure the safety of everyone. We did running back drills, receiving drills, and quarterback drills.
Our quarterback throwing drill was a drill that the kids had to throw the ball at a target. The targets were made out of plywood that we painted and added numbers to. We painted the different areas different colors and then added vinyl numbers that we cut with our cricut.

The object of the drill was for the kids to throw the ball and try to hit it in the middle of the target. However, they were to try to get as many points as they could. We marked the end of the football with cornstarch. When the ball hit the board, it marked where it hit. This made it easy for us and we did not have to depend on our eyes to keep score. It worked out beautifully!

This party turned out to be really fun! The parents could not help but participate in the drills as well
The cake was a replica of the NFL shield logo. We had a local bakery make the cake for us and I must say, the logo looked very official!
After the drills we did an official NFL draft. Each boy was drafted into the league by one of the 32 teams. The favor bags were sports bags that had their last name on it. Each child got to keep a nerf ball that was used during the party, a water bottle that had their number on it, a black shirt (the numbers were removeable), and a bag of candy of course!

We ended the party by pouring a cooler of blue paper shred on top of the birthday boy!!
He had no idea what was happening at first, then he thought we were going to pour real water on him!

It was funny and a cute way to end an NFL Party!


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